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Vol 3 (2014) Literature review of the use of birds as pets in Latin-America, with a detailed perspective on Mexico Abstract   PDF
Blanca Roldán-Clarà, Xavier Lopez-Medellín, Ileana Espejel, Evarista Arellano
Vol 2 (2013) Local ecological knowledge as a complementary basis for the management of water resources Abstract   PDF
Jesse Sobczak, Alice Valduga, Rozane Restello, Rafael Cardoso, Luiz Ubiratan Hepp, Andre Siqueira
Vol 6 (2017) Loss of Seed-Dispersing Animals and Its Impacts on Humanity Abstract   PDF
Gilney Charll Santos, Leonardo Silva Chaves, Ulysses Paulino Albuquerque
Vol 7 (2018) Management of Pindo palm Syagrus romanzoffiana (Cham.) Glassman, (Arecaceae) to produce Coleoptera edible larvae among the Guaraníes of northeastern Argentina Abstract   PDF
Jorge Justino Araujo, Héctor Alejandro Keller, Norma I. Hilgert
Vol 2 (2013) Medicinal and aromatic species of Asteraceae commercialized in the conurbation Buenos Aires-La Plata (Argentina) Abstract   PDF
Julio Alberto Hurrell, Jeremías Pedro Puentes
Vol 9 (2020) Medicinal plants and animals of an important seasonal dry forest in Brazil Abstract   PDF
Ulysses Paulino Albuquerque, Alanne Lucena Brito, André Luiz Borba Nascimento, Antonio Fernando Morais Oliveira, Carla Mirele Tabósa Quixabeira, Diógenes de Queiroz Dias, Eduardo Carvalho Lira, Flávia Santos Silva, Gyllyandeson de Araújo Delmondes, Henrique Douglas Melo Coutinho, Mariana Oliveira Barbosa, Melissa Fontes Landell, Rômulo Romeu Nóbrega Alves, Washington Soares Ferreira Júnior
Vol 4 (2015) Medicinal plants with cholesterol-lowering effect marketed in the Buenos Aires-La Plata conurbation, Argentina: An Urban Ethnobotany study Abstract   PDF
Julio Alberto Hurrell, Jeremías Pedro Puentes, Patricia Marta Arenas
Vol 6 (2017) Mexican birds use according to environmental officers Abstract   PDF
Blanca Roldán-Clarà, Xavier López-Medellín, Nelly Calderón de la Barca, Claudia Leyva, Ileana Espejel
Vol 2 (2013) Motorboat noise can potentially mask the whistle sound of estuarine dolphins (Sotalia guianensis) Abstract   PDF
Natalia de Souza Albuquerque, Antonio da Silva Souto
Vol 9 (2020) Mycophilic degree among the Wixaritari and mestizos in Villa Guerrero, Jalisco, Mexico Abstract   PDF
Mara Ximena Haro-Luna, Laura Guzmán-Dávalos, Felipe Ruan-Soto
Vol 6 (2017) People’s perception on animal welfare: why does it matter? Abstract   PDF
María Fernanda De la Fuente, Antonio Souto, Christini Caselli, Nicola Schiel
Vol 8 (2019) Perception of the presence, impacts and control of the invasive species Sus scrofa in the local community living near the Itatiaia National Park, Brazil Abstract   PDF
Carina Zanco Pereira, Clarissa Alves Rosa, Antônio Carlos Zanzini
Vol 9 (2020) Perceptions and attitudes of the local people towards bats in the surroundings of the Escaba dam (Tucumán, Argentina) Abstract   PDF
María Cecilia Castilla, Claudia Campos, Sonia Colantonio, Monica Díaz
Vol 2 (2013) Phytochemical prospecting, modulator and antibacterial activity of aminoglycosides of the extract and fractions of the Annona squamosa Abstract   PDF
Heloisa souza, Cicera Fernandes, Saulo Tintino, Maria Flaviana Morais-Braga, Antonia Araújo, Henrique Coutinho, Irwin Menezes, Marta Kerntopf
Vol 6 (2017) Pitheciid vocal communication: what can we say about what they are saying? Abstract   PDF
Bruna Bezerra, Cristiane Casar, Leandro Jerusalinsky, Adrian Barnett, Monique Bastos, Antonio Souto, Gareth Jones
Vol 6 (2017) Plant species and products of the Traditional Chinese Phytotherapy in the Ciudade Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina Abstract   PDF
Julio Alberto Hurrell, Jeremías P. Puentes
Vol 7 (2018) Practices and spaces by gender: landscapes and rural tasks of livestock producers of the Sierras Chicas from Córdoba, Argentina Abstract   PDF
Bárbara Arias Toledo, Cecilia Trillo
Vol 7 (2018) Relations with wildlife of Wichi and Criollo people of the Dry Chaco, a conservation perspective Abstract   PDF
Micaela Camino, Sara Cortez, Mariana Altrichter, Silvia Diana Matteucci
Vol 1 (2012) Relationships between fauna and people and the role of ethnozoology in animal conservation Abstract   PDF
Rômulo Romeu Nóbrega Alves
Vol 4 (2015) Reports of the use of Urticaceae collected in Brazil and deposited in the herbaria of Kew (K), New York (NY) and Paris (P) Abstract   PDF
Amanda Roberta Corrado, André Luiz Gagliatti, Sergio Romaniuc Neto, Lin Chau Ming
Vol 7 (2018) Seasonal Variation in the consumption of biomass fuel in a rural community of Patagonia, Argentina Abstract   PDF
Daniela Morales, Soledad Molares, Ana H. Ladio
Vol 9 (2020) Shifting baseline syndrome highlighted by anecdotal accounts from snapper (Ocyurus chrysurus) fishery Abstract   PDF
Cleverson Zapelini, Patricia Sousa da Silva, Alexandre Schiavetti
Vol 7 (2018) Social perception of tree plantations in the Atlantic forest of Argentina: the role of management scale Abstract   PDF
Lucía Cariola, Andrea E. Izquierdo, Norma I. Hilgert
Vol 7 (2018) Soil seed bank and its importance in the natural regeneration of degraded areas Abstract   PDF
Danielle Melo dos Santos, Kleber Andrade da Silva, Josiene Maria Falcão Fraga dos Santos, Elcida de Lima Araújo
Vol 1 (2012) Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis Applied to Ethnobiological Research Abstract   PDF
Ulysses Paulino Albuquerque, Patrícia Muniz Medeiros
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